Our Servcie

We offer the various services regarding ICT (Information & Communication Technologies).

ODA Support (ICT sector)

Our ICT professionals with rich experience abroad support the ODA implementation in the ICT sector. The formation of the Joint Venture (JV) is also welcomed.

  1. ICT expert dispatch to the technical cooperation project
  2. ICT project implementation support

Overseas Business Support

Our overseas experienced ICT engineers support your overseas business through Information & Communication Technologies.

  1. Liaison system engineer dispatch to the offshore project
  2. ICT system support for the overseas operation company
  3. System administrator dispatch to the overseas operation company

ICT Consulting

The IT Coordinator (METI [The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry] recommended qualification) and the IT Strategist (METI certified qualification) support your most appropriate ICT investment to resolve your business issues.

  1. Advisory service on ICT investments
  2. Human resource development of ICT skilled staff

* For more information about IT Coordinator, please refer to IT Coordinators Association (ITCA) website (Japanese only).
* For more information about IT Strategist, please refer to Information-Technology Promotion Agency (IPA) website.

ICT System Development Support

We support the ICT system development to satisfy your real business needs in various ways.

  1. Project management support
  2. System development support
  3. Building support of information infrastructure

ICT System Operation & Management Support

We ensure the secure and stable ICT system operation for your business and also offer the support of the effective use of ICT resource.

ICT Education

We offer personalized ICT education service from kids to adults.

Document Translation

We translate ICT technical documents and homepages with good quality.

  1. ICT technical document translation
  2. Homepage translation