Company Profile

Name TOKYO Co., Ltd.
Address BIZMARKS Nihonbashi-Kayabacho 6F,
8-2, Nihonbashi-Koamicho, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo 103-0016 JAPAN
Tel +81-3-6403-3750
President SAKURAI Hitohiro
Established October, 2007
Capital JPY 15,000,000
Board of Directors SAKURAI Hitohiro, Representative Director
AKIYAMA Mari, Director
NAGATA Akira, Director
  1. Technical Cooperation and/or Consulting for ICT systems on overseas
  2. ICT Consulting
  3. Planning, Designing, Development, Management & Operation of ICT systems
  4. Study, Development & Sales of Software/Hardware for Information Processing
  5. Dispatch of ICT Engineers to home and abroad
  6. All other business related to the listed above
Bank of Account Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp.
(Nihonbashi-Higashi Branch)