First oversea intern!

Hello! I’m Nicolas and I came to Japan from France for an internship at this company.
While searching for an IT internship, I came across a post about the possibility of going abroad to Asian countries. And loving Japan for its culture, I could not resist passing up this opportunity, so I took it.

It was my first time going abroad alone and with just the basics of Japanese, and also my first internship. I was a bit nervous before working with them, but they were very friendly to me throughout all this period.
I could visit lots of places when I was there, alone or with them too! I even lost myself inside the giant mazes that are Shinjuku Station and Shibuya Station… but exploring every part of Tokyo was so fun! And I cherished every moment of it. I will definitely miss the food and the lifestyle a lot… 😭

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Tokyo ICT; I will never forget this experience. I promise to visit Japan again!