Have you ever eaten Dominican food?

Why would an IT company write about Dominican food? you may be wondering. For our employees who are passionate about international cooperation, eating foreign cuisine and learning about its differences and culture is a very important activity (haha). My friend from the Dominican Republic cooked some local cuisine for me. Today, I would like to introduce you to some of the delicious dishes from the Dominican Republic!

First, let me introduce the first item. “Moro de guandules” It seems to be a mixed rice with pigeon peas! To make it, mix rice and pigeon peas and cook. I’m not very familiar with dishes using pigeon peas, but they tasted like green peas and were very delicious. Although rice may not be a staple food in some countries, Japanese people still love rice. This is a very pleasing menu. I never thought that I could eat rice from the first item. (I am so happy!) The taste is familiar, but the name is a little difficult to pronounce for japanese…

Now, the second dish is fried eggplant (“Torrejas de berenjena”)! The taste is quite similar to Japanese tempura! The recipe is also the same, as it involves adding beaten eggs and flour and frying until the color changes. In the Dominican Republic, it is commonly eaten as an accompaniment to other dishes such as rice, meat, and beans. I’m glad that we seem to have some things in common with Japan. There is also a sweet called “Torrijas” in Spanish that uses toast, so I guess it’s a little similar?

The third item is arepas (“Arepitas”). It is served as a side dish and is made from ground corn or yucca. What she made this time was arepas made with yucca. To make it, grate the yucca, mix it with anise, eggs, and salt, then fry it until it changes color. Anise is also used as a flavoring agent in sweets and mouthwashes, and has a slightly tangy and refreshing taste. My partner who I went out to eat with said that this dish was his favorite!

Finally, we will introduce the location of the Dominican Republic on a map. Caribbean islands are wonderful, I want to go there…

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