Activities in Mongolia

It’s definitely springtime now. Has Mongolia, where the winters are harshly cold, also welcomed the spring?

Our company is involved in the JICA Project for Development of Human Resources in Cybersecurity in Mongolia. Recently, our team members went on a business trip to Mongolia.

Overview of our work in Mongolia

The project aims to improve cybersecurity skills for a wide range of people in Mongolia, including students/working professionals, and industry/government/academia, and it started in January 2023.

Signing of Record of Discussions on Technical Cooperation Project with Mongolia: Project for Development of Human Resources in Cybersecurity

Various activities are planned for the project in the future, but the three activities our company was involved in during this trip are:

  1. Conducting cybersecurity subject training for university professors
  2. Supporting the development of university curricula
  3. Presenting to the Digital Ministry on talent development policies

The activity that took up the largest portion of our stay was 1. Interestingly, the cybersecurity course that was taught during this training was actually created for the Project for Human Resources Development for Cyber Security Professionals in Indonesia. Our company is also involved in the project in Indonesia, so it is an exciting initiative to be able to use the outcomes of our activities in one country to benefit another.

Training content

The training was conducted twice, covering both a basic cybersecurity topic and a more advanced computer forensic. (Computer forensics is the process of thoroughly investigating cyber attacks.) Those who participated in this training are expected to teach the courses in universities as instructors.

Computer forensics training

Winter in Mongolia

By the way, during winter in Mongolia, it’s normal to have temperatures of minus 20 degrees Celsius even during the daytime. Our team members who were visiting Mongolia for the first time during winter were quite apprehensive about whether they would be able to carry out their activities safely. However, it’s amazing how quickly people can adapt. They seemed to have adapted to such low temperatures within a few days.

Our team member sliding on an ice slide

If you are interested in our company’s activities, whether it’s international cooperation, cybersecurity, or other areas, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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