Visited by Junior High School Students!

On a pleasantly sunny spring day, students from a certain junior high school visited our company. They were interested in international cooperation in the IT field and chose our company as a destination as part of their school research. We were very delighted by their visit!

During this visit, we had a conversation where our company members answered the questions prepared by the students.

We discussed the framework of international cooperation in Japan, how our company is involved in international cooperation, the challenges and lessons learned within our activities, and the experiences of many of our company members who were former JICA Volunteers.

In addition to the prepared questions, the students were skilled at drawing out conversations, and we were simply delighted to engage in a pleasant discussion!

International Cooperation in the IT Field

As an example of the topics we discussed, I would like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce how our company is involved in international cooperation.

Before that, let’s touch upon the framework of international cooperation in Japan. The international cooperation projects in Japan are centrally conducted by JICA, and they encompass various types of projects, including technical cooperation, grant aid, loan aid, and the dispatch of JICA volunteers. Moreover, the 20 global agendas are listed as the target areas for these projects.

Although the entirety of JICA’s projects is vast and difficult to grasp, our company, which focuses on IT and international cooperation, is currently particularly involved in “technical cooperation” and “dispatch of JICA volunteers” in terms of using IT for problem-solving and IT utilization.

In terms of contributions to technical cooperation projects, most recently, our company has been involved in cybersecurity human resource development projects in Indonesia and Mongolia. I will omit the details, but our actual activities include training local university lecturers. Additionally, there are cases where IT consultants participate in technical cooperation projects in fields other than IT.

Regarding the dispatch of JICA volunteers, many of our company members have experience as JICA volunteers, and we also encourage participation in JICA volunteer programs after joining our company.

Our member gave a presentation to visitors

By having the junior high school students visit us and discussing our company’s philosophy and activities, we were able to organize our thoughts and gain a fresh perspective. We are grateful for this wonderful opportunity.

If you are interested in international cooperation or considering working in international cooperation in the IT field, please feel free to contact us here.

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